Take your blog to the next level Zoundry Raven - write, link, tag, post.

Zoundry Raven™ is our most advanced WYSIWYG full featured editor that makes posting to your blog easier and faster. It's as easy to use as a word processor, plus we include simple tools to add links, tags, photos, music and video files, and more.

Tabbed true WYSIWYG Editing
True WYSIWYG and XHTML editing, Drag and drop from the browser, Unicode (UTF-8) support, Quicklinks, Template-based preview.

Improved content management
Built-in indexer allows you to see posts by blogs, links, tags, and images.

Manage multiple media storage services
Set up different media services (Picasa, Image Shack, Ripway, custom FTP) for different blogs.

Manage multiple blogs offline
Easily set up posting and preferences to multiple blogs.

Learn more about Raven at www.zoundryraven.com.

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